What we do

We have over 30 years of cumulative experience in supplying clients with qualitative and quantitative research and fieldwork services, across different methodologies in international markets.

Qualitative Methodologies

We use hands-on qualitative techniques to uncover insights about individual behaviors and reasoning. Our network of experts offers specialized recruiting, screening and moderating services across Europe, North America, and Asia. We are highly experienced in a full range of qualitative research methodologies including:

Quantitative Methodologies

We use quantitative research processes to collect and analyze data needed to inform our client’s objectives and strategies. This data is based on a sample of your target audience and allows us to use surveys, polls, and questionnaires to measure behaviors (past, present, and future), performance, satisfaction, and perceptions. We specialize in the following quantitative methodologies:

Focus groups

Online and Virtual
Group Discussions

In Depth Interviews

Ethnographic Observations

Home Visits

Mobile Surveys

Online Communities

AI sessions

Co-creation online diaries

Phone to web


Intercept Surveys

AI Digital Survey

Store Exit Interviews

Mystery Shopping

Gang Surveys

Central Location Testing


We are experts in Consumer, B2B and Medical.


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Profiled by demographics
Profiled by family structure and household income


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Physicians and Specialists
Patients and their various conditions